Coach Shakila - English Expert

“I have always loved reading fairy tales when I was growing up. They inspired me so much to be an English teacher where I encourage my students to always write creatively”

SEC 4/5 - 'O' Levels English

  • Duration

    1.5 hours per session

  • Class Size

    8 to 10 students

SEC 4/5 – ‘O’ Levels English : Using general knowledge and current affairs as a base, students learn the skills and techniques they need to excel at the language. This also serves to broaden their worldview and informs their opinions.

Students will gain mastery of the programme through the following methods:

  • Understanding a Story Flow 
  • Increasing their Vocabulary Bank
  • Spelling through activites such as Online Scrabble & Boggle
  • Creative writiting by recreating stories from famous movies such as Avengers
  • Watching relevant English shows such as Sherlock

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