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"Help Your Child Improve Their PSLE Science Grades by 30-40 Marks Using Our Proven Answering Techniques for Common PSLE Science Questions"

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Your child will master techniques to answer the most common and frequent PSLE Science Questions.

Get Ready To See a Significant Improvement In Your Child's Science Grades After Just 8 Weeks. (FREE ONE 1.5 hours Online Lesson Trial available)

Free Learning Resources Available For You And Your Child. The Learning Never Stops!

*Slots for our lessons are limited – Register today & avoid disappointment 

Key Highlights of Our Programme

Taught by our Top MOE Registered Science Coach

Coach Nathan is one of our top academic and lifeskills coaches. He has a natural talent to engage and educate youths. Under his guidance and tutelage, unlock your child’s true potential.

See Significant Improvements in Eight lessons

See a change in your child’s results and attitude towards Science. Cultivating a love for the subject produces lasting and impactful results. 

Be Equipped with Powerful and Proven Answering Techniques

Test taking is a skill of its own. We breakdown common questions, formulate techniques, and arm your child with what they need to conquer the PSLE Science paper with ease!

Who Will Benefit From This Programme?

Primary 6 PSLE students who are getting failing marks in Science but do not know the reason why..

Primary 6 PSLE students are scoring 60 – 74, but are losing marks to careless mistakes or misreading of questions.

Primary 6 PSLE students who hate science because they repeatedly miss their targets, even though they put in the extra effort, and have tuition.

Taught By Our Leading Science Tutor and Experienced Youth Coach of Over 5 years!


Coach Nathan’s ability to breakdown the toughest Science concepts for my child is truly unrivalled. In just two lessons, he was able to help my child understand the topics that he previously had serious struggles with. Thank you Coach Nathan, you truly are born to teach!

Emily Neo

Primary 6 Parent

You are amazing Coach Nathan! You have helped me sparked a love for Science. What was once boring and dry for me, is now something I look forward to. Thank you for helping me attain a B grade for Science and I cannot wait to get my first A in the near future!

Joshua Lim

Primary 6 Student, Henry Park Primary School

I used to struggle with studying Science and was consistently getting 30-40 marks. I thought passing the subject was impossible but after attending Coach Nathan’s lesson, I was able to pull up my grades and I am now achieving 65-70 marks on a consistent basis!

Teo Wei Xuan

Primary 6 Student, Zhonghua Primary School

*Slots for our lessons are limited – Register today & avoid disappointment 

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