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Curriculum & Philosophy

High Achievers Learning Centre embodies a philosophy of viewing a student’s academic growth and personal potential, as a whole. 

Where most teachers believe that these two concepts are separate, we stand steadfast in believing that a student’s inherent potential can be brought forth through academic studying as well.

Some key elements of our pedagogy include:

  • Developing students not just in academic growth and results but in life and self motivational skills for personal growth and deeper effective learning
  • Helping students achieve performance excellence (training for exams and tests)
  • Guiding students to cultivate critical thinking in their examination questions and as a key skill for life
  • Expanding their mindset for growth in mature decision making not just academically but for their future as well

The HALC curriculum is consistently planned according to school and MOE regulations and interests by level and subject. This means that your child’s academic abilities will be developed systematically according to standardized guidelines.

Our lesson materials are directly relevant to your child’s school needs as we monitor curriculum and topic changes from MOE, schools and exam papers.

For each level and subject, our curriculum specialists have planned lesson objectives designed to develop the students’ understanding of the topics in a subject and test them vigorously towards an exam standard level.It is created to help your child reach academic and learning milestones that are needed at his or her level.

Other than consistently monitoring the latest updates from MOE to ensure that our lesson materials are relevant to current syllabus, we pedagogy focuses on a dual connectedness between academic growth and valuable life lessons. Through this direction, students will not just achieve better results but a better psyche for life and beyond.


Depending on the subject that the student is taking, we have different time slots. Currently, these are the available time slots we have left, as many are filled up.

They can be found here:

  1. Primary 6 English – (Mon) 5:00pm to 6:30pm
  2. Primary 6 English – (Sat) 10:30am to 12:00pm
  3. Primary 6 Maths – (Mon) 5:30pm to 7:00pm
  4. Primary 6 Maths – (Wed) 4:00pm to 5:30pm
  5. Primary 6 Maths – (Sat) 5:30pm – 7:00pm
  6. Primary 6 Science – (Sat) 3:00pm to 4:30pm
  7. Sec 4 & 5 ‘O’ Level Combined Chem – (Thurs) 7.30pm to 9.00pm
  8. Sec 4 & 5 ‘O’ Level English – (Fri) 7pm to 8.30pm

Do contact us at +65 8930 4791 if you have any questions regarding the schedule. Thank you.

We have a minimum of 3 students up to a maximum of 10 students per class.

This is to ensure that the tutors have adequate time to give attention to all students present in class

Classes are up to 1.5 hours, ranging from deep dives into topics within a subject to study skills for students to improve.

During public holidays as tutors are not working, the student will be sent a notification via email or WhatsApp to state that he/she must quickly choose a replacement class allocated on the calendar.

Under the conditions below, there is an allowance of replacing a maximum of 2 lessons per term.

  • Student is sick
  • Family holiday
  • School CCA
  • Relative’s passing
  • Unforeseen Circumstances

It is up to the student to inform about wanting a replacement class by contacting us via WhatsApp (8930 4791) or Email (

Alternatively, we will give you a recording of the lesson for the students to view.

Free Trial Classes

Congratulations! You have been awarded a free trial to experience our HA tuition classes, aiming to take you to the next level! To enroll in the Free Trial, please submit your particulars at:

Our staff will contact you within 2 working days to find details such as:

  1. Name of Student
  2. School of Student
  3. Level of Student
  4. Proficiency in Subject Choice
  5. Tuition Class Schedule

This is to aid us in ensuring that we fully understand the needs of the student before recommending the type of classes for them. After the call, you will receive a free complete package trial for one subject. This will last for 1 lesson only.

Yes, you can actually sign up for a one class free trial for any of our subjects and you can choose which to continue after the trial.

Our staff will contact you in 3 working days after your class to ask whether you would like to extend your plan with us. They will send you a link to purchase the plan from us.

Free Trial Classes are up to 1.5 hours, ranging from deep dives into topics within a subject to study skills for students to improve.

There are no replacements for any Free Trial classes, if a student misses any class for any reason, the only available option are the recorded sessions of that class.

Fees & Payments

Primary Level (per Subject): $180/month

Secondary Level (per Subject): $200/month

Tuition Fee Payments are to be made via the week before your first class or first class of the month.* 

Tuition Fees (separate from the deposit) will be prorated, in the event that your child is joining in the middle of the month or term.

We will require a 1 month deposit upfront if you are a new sign up. 

In the event that you are unable to, please do drop us an email to notify us @ (email). If payment has not been made when the class has begun, the deposit will be forfeited.

The purpose of the deposit is for the Tuition Centre to have a leeway of a month to find a replacement for students that have pulled out suddenly.

Deposit will not be refundable under these conditions:

  • If you have not paid for the coming month and you have attended for at least 1 lesson in that month. Any withdrawal with unpaid fees, the deposit will be used to cover for it and will not be refunded.
  1. 4 live online sessions per month with our tutors
  2. Personalized development plan for students according to their needs for improvement of the subject
  3. Personal report card issued to each student every end of the month to track their own growth
  4. Access to life-skills training session with our HATC trainers
  5. Access to our online life-skills workshops to aid in improving study skills and motivational ideas
  6. Personal 1 to 1 session for the subject to pinpoint specific problems in the students problem solving of questions and study methods
  1. You are able to send your payment through online via Stripe or Credit Card
  2. You are able to send payment through Bank Transfer as well to (Acc No.)
  3. You can PayNow or PayLah! Us through this number at (Number)

This is the payment process that will guide you for us to be clear on both sides!

  1. Upon signing up your child into our tuition program, you will be contacted by our staff to be notified of the price and start date of payment.
  2. Payments are to be made every first week of the month.
  3. 1 week before the stipulated payment, a first reminder and an invoice will be sent to you for payment to be made via STRIPE
  4. If payment has not been made by 1 day approaching the 1st lesson, a second reminder will be sent for payment.
  5. After the lesson/week, if payment has not been made for the first week, the deposit will be forfeited, as the payment for the month.
  6. If the deposit has been used, for the next month, a new deposit PLUS the payment for the month must be made.

Once payments have been made, you will be sent a confirmation email.

Cancellations can be made any time, however the payment for the month will not be refunded. Deposit will be refunded if payment for the month has been made.

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