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Accelerating Students Into The Future

Our academic programmes goes further than just achieving the desired grades. We believe in accelerating a student’s learning beyond that of examinations. Through embedding Social Emotional Learning, we develop a student to be an inquisitive, independent and innovative learner.

How Our Tuition Works

In the current technological world that is ever changing and uncertain, soft skills are increasingly more important than academic and technical skills. Yet, they are often neglected when taking into account a child’s development. In High Achievers Learning Centre, no area of your child’s development is overlooked. We prepare students for exams and the world that awaits beyond them by imparting both, soft skills such as critical thinking, real world problem-solving skills, people skills and hard skills such as equipping them with proven examination answering methods to help them ace their examinations.

Prepare students for life.

Weekly lifeskills training sessions to help in the personal development of your child.

*Sessions are complementary

1 on 1 Live Sessions with our Tutors

Need extra help? We have 1 on 1 sessions available too for your child.
*Separate payment

Pre-Recorded Lessons

Get access to Pre-recorded lessons and classes, learn comfortably at your own pace.
*For a small additional fee

Our 'O' Levels Programmes

O’ Levels are a pivotal time. You are not alone, we are here to help.

Key Features of our Learning Centre

Heritage & Cutting Edge

We have been in education for over two decades, during which we have trained hundreds of thousands of students, in hundreds of schools. We constantly explore new technologies and educational research. Fusing experience with innovation, students only get the best.

Flexible & Economical

We understand that life gets in the way sometimes, and that everyone learns at a different pace. With our system, you will not worry about missing a class or falling behind. Academics is tough as it is, just attend the classes and we will do the rest.

Individual & Singular

Leveraging on technology and expertise, we formulate a personalized learning plan for every student. The same size shoe does not fit all, why should learning be different?

Comprehensive & Supportive

Learning is more than textbooks and homework. With pre-recorded lessons, past curriculum, notes, assessments, peers, and a study network. We create an ecosystem that promotes and supports learning

Comparison Chart

  • High Achievers Learning Centre (Primary School)
  • High Achievers Learning Centre (Primary School)
  • High Achievers Learning Centre (Secondary School)
  • High Achievers Learning Centre (Secondary School)
  • Tuition Centre A
  • Tuition Centre B
Features High Achievers Learning Centre (Primary School)High Achievers Learning Centre (Primary School)High Achievers Learning Centre (Secondary School)High Achievers Learning Centre (Secondary School)Tuition Centre ATuition Centre B
/month (plus package)
/month (plus package)
Online Classes
Live Classes
Access To Past Recorded Lessons
Personalized Development Plan
Flexible Class Arrangements
Progress Tracking & Report
Planned Curriculum
Administrative FeesWaivedWaivedWaivedWaived

Our Coaches

Our Coaches have years of experience developing youths in both academics and life skills, coupled with an innate passion to grow the next generation. Students are in safe hands with our team of coaches. 

Coach Nathan Lee

Head Coach & Curriculum Developer (Sciences)

“I would really love to share my passion for the sciences with the next generation. Curiosity is such an amazing trait to foster.”

Coach Shakila Devi

Head Coach & Curriculum Developer (English)

“I have always loved reading fairy tales when I was growing up. They inspired me so much to be an English teacher where I encourage my students to always write creatively”

Coach Caleb E

Head Coach & Curriculum Developer (Mathematics)

“Only when you are able to teach, have you truly learned. I am a big fan of collaborative learning & believe that students grow when they teach their peers”


Coach Nathan ensures that we understand the concepts clearly first before he moves on with his lesson. He is a very patient and understanding tutor. I am enjoying my classes with him!


- Rachel, Secondary 4 Student

Tuition has never been this engaging and effective before. I really like how Coach Caleb is able to build my interest in maths in his lessons. Can’t wait to apply this knowledge in my upcoming exams.


- Jian Ming, Secondary 4 Student

The English language has never been so simple to understand thanks to Coach Shakila. She also provides us with practical handles to help take our writing to the next level. Thank you Coach!


- Afiq, Secondary 5 Student

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